For affirmations to work,
I find the best way to use them is to notice if you have a peak emotional state,
and use the affirmations then,
repeat them 3 times minimum each.

Do not worry if the emotion is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ from your perspective, just note that you are feeling intensely.

Make sure your affirmations are worded in a positive way.

For example use “I am calm“, rather than “I don’t feel anxious
(the unconscious mind will delete the negative.)

Some of my affirmations are here,
use them if you like,
or make your own list and carry it with you.

I am the universe…
I am good enough…
I am love…
I am kindness….
I am compassion….
I listen….
I project only love….
I see….
I live in gratitude….
I am…..

If you notice when you or especially your loved ones are in an emotional state,
use that opportunity to give them some positive affirmations that will be constructive in their growth and mental wellbeing.

Some examples of these may be things like:

I know we have been arguing but know I love you and you are good enough.

I know this has been a shock for you,
however realise now that you are strong and capable,
you can learn from these moments in life
and grow in new ways that you maybe never thought possible before now.

Hope that this opens your mind a little to the power of words and how to use affirmations a little in your everyday life.