I am the power, the number nine,
The cooled up serpent of the divine,
The fire of life under perfected will,
The key to heaven, joyous, still.

Circled round a Cross of equal arms,
The power of Saturn’s base Transforms,
The power flows into reservoirs,
I light up the seven inner stars,

Chesed to Geburah walk,
Mercy in severity talk
With wisdom and understanding tame,
The internal everlasting flame.

In me is all the worlds temptation,
But the seeker finds true redemption,
In Eden this lead to a clear dismiss,
But the seeker returns to godly bliss.

Open the door of Daath,
On this key to the return path,
The head of the serpent nechesh,
From alleged evil, a holiness we thresh.

Leo, the red form lion is born,
The bliss of heaven do thee adorn,
Nature tamed, perfect control of will,
Anoint the hermetic stone with skill.

© Rowan Ramsay 2021