Into the void of the blackness of AMA,
Chiah enters the greatest universal mama,
Sanctifying the intelligence of wisdom’s seed.
The great sea takes form, in word and deed.

The divine soul births the human soul,
And the blessed men on earth extol.
Within each atom of the divine,
Is a growth of Aimain time.

Foresight is the gift of her embrace,
The world of love is what we chase.
In all the movement of all creation
With understanding, love and exaltation.

We see the actions of sleeping men,
As we watch them fail time and again,
That the love is lost in their filtered views,
Marred by the lenses with which they choose.

Once Understanding is inflamed,
The shadows actions are tamed,
Creation entwines in her shawl.
From the nothing births the all.

© Copyright – 2020 Rowan Ramsay