The eyes open,
like a new born child,
seeing freshly the sunlight of a new day.

The body resurrected,
the soul born,
the child needs to adjust to his new body,
his new soul.

Let the child grow,
He must build a tower,
to the heavens on high,
that he may speak to the gods,
And his soul fly,

The men are asleep,
Dreaming a dream of reality,
Their senses flow into the mind through nerves,
The brain builds a dream,
an image in the visual cortex,
a sound in the audio cortex,
a feeling in the kinesthetic centres,

Man dreams his life away,
Awake his dream is guided by the senses,
It’s no less a dream than the one he has at night,
This world he dreams is an illusion of his mind,
He thinks he is experiencing reality,
Its a dream…
it doesn’t exist,
it’s something else,
it’s somewhere else…

Remember you are the god,
the king of your universe,
whom no man hath seen at any time,
no man knows you,
no man ever sees you,
no man ever hears you,
they see the illusions of their dreams..