I am the hand of the one, I created all realities,
From heaves above to the crust of Hades.
I sent forth all the spheres of divine emanation,
While the supernal fire spirals through the womb of creation.

The Will of divine flows down my arm,
The creation of the world I becharm,
I point my finger with an open hand,
Direct the will at my command.

I am the seed of the grey wisdom,
And in that, I father the whole system,
As the fire flows out through six-rayed prisms,
So manifests the fraternity of all organisms.

The virgin is fertile in these lands,
The hand holds strong the mighty glands,
The desert reflecting the sea of understanding,
The staff planted strong, fertile, upstanding.

The intelligence of will is my true name,
From me the fires of beauty tame,
With mercy mild and hand held strong,
the Cerberus stands by me all along.

I am ten, I manifest seven in form,
The Elohim born of a single sperm,
The heptad below the triad supernal
Flows into the kingdom of the bride eternal

© Rowan Ramsay 2021

One final note I’ll give to thee,
A meditation one the four fold tree,
Three letters of the Tetragrammaton,
The cards are there to gaze upon.

Not Crowleys swaps for this in form,
Go with the rider wait or dawn,
The triangle it makes on the tree give wonder,
It’s an interesting gift for you to ponder.