Thought is another name for Fate…
Choose then thy destiny and wait…

We are meaning making machines, the stories we tell ourselves shape our reality.

Whether you are in need of help to overcome a problem or looking to improve your life, the mind is the place to start.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you have conscious control over your problem or sticking point?
Is it outside your conscious control?

If you think you are in conscious control, WONDERFUL…
If not then look no further I CAN HELP.


Catherine Kay : Workplace Co-ordinator, Aberdeen Standard Investments

For World Mental Health Day on 10th Oct 2019, Rowan kindly provided a talk to our colleagues on the mind-body system and how it works and also gave colleagues a demo of his PandoraStar device used for meditation practice. The talk and demo were both interesting and informative with Rowan providing a well detailed and passionate description about his line of work. There are a number of well-known ways to increase wellbeing but Rowan’s talk brought something different to the table. I personally took part in a demo of the PandoraStar and it was a very interesting session. The PandoraStar is a strobing white light that created many different vivid colours and shapes in the mind, providing a cool yet calming experience in the first program he uses. The session after, which was more of a meditative program, was very relaxing and I was left feeling quite refreshed and ready to tackle an afternoon’s work.

H Fraser

Rowan is absolutely brilliant at what he does. After only one hypnotherapy session with him I stopped smoking (I’d been doing so for 16 years!).

He is so knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend him to everyone.

Les McDougall

Such an experienced, professional and knowledgeable man. I’ve had a few sessions and can’t believe how much my life has changed. Recommended 100%

Gavin C

I am very impressed with my experience of Rowan at Aspiro. I have been to 4 hypnotists and numerous councillors and conventional therapists in the last 20 years of my life with little progress if any. I have made more progress in a few sessions with Rowan than with any other therapists. My life is changing fast, I have broken addictions and bad habits. On top of the normal hypnosis and therapy Rowan has provided, the light therapy has given me a very spiritual experience with powerful trance meditation unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Marc Davidson

First-class sessions and a ‘leading light’ in the world of self-improvement. Highly recommended. Friendly, knowledgeable and kind.

Josephine O’Neill

Stopped smoking after 14+ years in just 1 hypnotherapy session!! Rowan is great – very knowledgeable and talented therapist! Highly recommend 🙂

Steven S

Rowan helped me massively in my time of need and is nothing but a positive influence in my life

Gav Greaves

The Light Therapy from Rowan was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. It really does work. I had my favourite album on and underwent one of the programs and it was absolutely amazing. I saw geometric shapes colours patterns varying from fast to slow to calmer flying through space time type of visuals. Everyone should try this – I believe it has important uses in all kinds of stress reduction and anxiety reduction therapy, I came away from this ultra chilled out. Much more effective than isolation tanks I’ve tried before and certainly quick to hit a meditative feeling. If you struggle to remain focused when trying to meditate this is definitely for you, as it sort of just puts you into that meditative state of pure awareness and de-stressified.

Ance Bohāne

I believe in law of attractions …things you really want and visualise will eventually come to you.
You meet right people in the right time….
I have to say a big thank you to my friend Rowan Ramsay for helping me see my life differently and be able to let the whole world in ..people, places, events….you receive what you attract.
From a pain and sorrow loving person I have turned into an energy ball…Just now I am saying thank to Rowan Rasay for the opportunity to try out Light Therapy with PandoraStar & Hypnotherapy. There are so many things it can help you with and I personally highly suggest it. It is a powerful journey itself and leaves you feeling sooooooo lifted.
“I Don’t Need Drugs, I’m High on Light, Baby”